A Brand New Ballgame

Third spiral officially added to galaxy; integrating proceeds as rapidly as possible.  Past decisions from the forerunners remain solid and those following light-years behind have attuned to the light ahead.

Forerunners: Routine internal energetic bond maintenance while remaining removed from 3D conflict is highly recommended.  Send love to all conflicts, not to specifics within them. Never forget that All Are One. Success in this endeavor resembles a light-filled ouroboros slowly rotating within solar plexus.

Higher-dimensional perception has been sufficiently strengthened to be considered “real”, even within a 3D context.  More fun to follow.

The Ascension Teams are now composed of highly skilled talent who have been through the ringer (literally and figuratively) enough times to be considered Masters in a way that previously Ascended Masters cannot claim.  This is not a slight toward those previously Ascended, as All Are One.  This is mentioned simply to point out that This Is A Brand New Ballgame – at least regarding this particular merry-go-round. 

Deus ex Machina.


Familial Heads Extend Olive Branches

In light of the new intra-clan truces, familial heads have begun to embrace the concept that all are one.  Many have already extended olive branches to other clans also wounded in the fallout.  Black sheep with hearts of gold and prodigal sons are supported by extended relatives and other sympathetic clan families while waiting to be reclaimed by their families of origination.  They can rest easy knowing that the framework for their return is being actively, happily put into place.

No word from Project: Drawing Down the Moon.  Except for a short (pleasant) SC-visit, The Mother has been strangely absent.  Without evidence to the contrary, we assume no news is good news.

Congratulations to the clearing committee on their most recent extermination.  Fast work, job well done.

Overall prognosis: Relatively quiet.  The new platform itself seems to be firmly in place, and the foundation for the next level is – with some setbacks – progressing nicely.