First full test of material bridge circuit COMPLETE!

Energetic psychic jump and confirmation achieved sufficiently for School Shooter (gamer loner/devil archetype) to finish technical details for circuit map.  Redemption accomplished, degeneration reversed, healing stage begun.

Circuit is currently being energized by crowds of very excited (pun intended) people.  Congrats, Athena/Artemis – looks like you’ll get to go home soon.

Developments occur too swiftly to internalize mentally. Heart integration is recommended for easy flow.

The neophyte Watcher has received her first facial tattoo: Spider.  Very appropriate.  This predicated a Watcher-approved missive confirming that a Revolution has been completed.  It is with great pride and overwhelming emotion that this reunion and formal initiation is scheduled for manifestation.

The cabal has been identified to 500 top global, who are all in Resistance possession.

Meta-awareness timelines overlap.  Collective stories provide blueprints for conclusions.  Luke has learned the lesson of the Dark Side Cave, and the movie inverts.

Keep an eye out for morphing triceratops.

We’ll believe it when we see it.