Successful 3-4-5-6 dimensional insertions.  3 remains functionally unaware, 4 is aware but only minimally participating, 5 is fully aware and carrying a huge physical burden to bring the merge to completion, 6 is temporarily between temper tantrums due to the frustration of the whole thing taking so long.

Direct conscious-physical contact established with the greys.  Only for a moment (and what a hell of a moment), but established nonetheless.

Significant progress with interdimensional/interspatial species integration.

The New World has achieved high frame rate definition thanks to the “Dream Place” spiral vortex.

Typhoon Haiyan was a direct result of an eruption that slammed through an underwater fault line, the physical manifestation of a release of pressure needed to help save the Gaia consciousness who was at the time on the verge of death from poisoning related to fossil fuel extraction.  This consciousness was described as physically appearing as a “tall, pretty, athletic, vibrant, dying teenage girl”.

Some encompassed in the consensus timeline have decided that they do not desire to encounter extraterrestrial beings on their path, and allowances had to be created for them.

The witches have been given authorization directly from The Void.

Armageddon at the wharves finally – and for the first time – ended with a few peaceful “greens” stopping masses of the military-industrial “purples” in their tracks, and involved little more than a simple demonstration of power.

Oh, and…

Being recycled into the Galactic Central Sun really isn’t so bad.  I speak from experience.