Most available connection points are in transit.  One war casualty in Father-God territory, which momentarily attracted his attention.

A connection venturing through alien neighborhoods submits that evolved interspecial contact seems to be increasing, suggests that this demonstrates a welcome expansion into friendly universal territory.

Progress being made with the royals, although the witches are not even close to feeling consoled.  Even the joint Harvard/MIT announcement that matter can indeed be made from light barely roused more than an afternoon’s worth of good cheer.

The major Black Hole was officially closed, which should be much bigger news than it is, given the multiple wormholes threatening to drain everyone’s spare resources.  At least one connection has already called in empty.

Leaders are exhausted but still plugging away, because… well, what else could they do?

The Weather Report: The Glacier has dropped, The Polaroid has flipped, The Slushy Snow confirms that The Ice Age Is Ending.

So… good news, overall, but don’t ask for the time, and for goodness sakes keep away from the wormholes.