Exciting update: The Pleiadians have established a new 3/4D field team with operations base in an associated layer of consensus reality tightly interwoven with our own.  It is posited that the initial transactions will organically establish the basis for a progressive financial system that prioritizes harmonization.

Snakes with needles attached to their foreheads (overheard being called an “eyetooth” in another realm) are an intriguing addition to some of the shadow astral realms.  They actively attempt to embed the needles in humans – purpose as yet unknown.

The turquoise light (most notably seen in Project: Drawing Down the Moon) was unwittingly invoked between two unassociated teams in an otherwise tense working group situation, apparently via their honesty and cooperation.

The LCD, wholeheartedly supported by its stable associates, has begun its purging.  (Sidenote: Many have now identified King Arthur’s reign as the last Golden Age prior to The Troubles).

Everyone’s Books are now available for those able to read them.

Progress is impressive and incredibly promising as entanglement increases, and yet is perceived as painfully slow and practically non-existent for those in linear 3D space-time.