Third spiral integrated – we have lift off!

All major complexes are being addressed fully or semi-consciously by participants.  Love has been established as the bonding agent, allowing flexibility in healing processes from opposite polarities within networks.

The Wetiko/Wendigo has been identified and is being relentlessly faced with the intent of integration into the Father/Creator archetype.  (This is somewhat compounded by the fact that when faced with the Wetiko in person, many are often overwhelmed with the hatred and fury of having been put through the entire process in the first place and have therefore attempted murder.  Rest assured that the Wetiko is all too well and will continue surviving these assassination attempts until his adversarial presence is no longer required.)

The bad news: inflammations and even sudden explosions probable.  These are necessary to contain the lowest common denominator, but can drastically adversely affect their caregivers, especially those with deep energetic connections.  The best approach for affected caregivers is to wait it out while sending non-attached support.

Lilith Complex (especially the Love Triangle), The Consuming Fire, and Protective Parent Myth Complex are particularly active in this area.

Now, for the (very) good news: We have first-person confirmation on The Magic and The New Neighborhoods (not completely finished, but almost), and they are far better than we could have ever hoped for.  The project now lies in continuing to encourage them into an immediate linear future timeline / expanding our timeline’s multidimensional capabilities.  These bridges have been and are being built, but constant alignment and reinforcement is of major assistance.

New Time is taking over from Old Time.