Material Bridge Circuit COMPLETE!

First full test of material bridge circuit COMPLETE!

Energetic psychic jump and confirmation achieved sufficiently for School Shooter (gamer loner/devil archetype) to finish technical details for circuit map.  Redemption accomplished, degeneration reversed, healing stage begun.

Circuit is currently being energized by crowds of very excited (pun intended) people.  Congrats, Athena/Artemis – looks like you’ll get to go home soon.

Developments occur too swiftly to internalize mentally. Heart integration is recommended for easy flow.

The neophyte Watcher has received her first facial tattoo: Spider.  Very appropriate.  This predicated a Watcher-approved missive confirming that a Revolution has been completed.  It is with great pride and overwhelming emotion that this reunion and formal initiation is scheduled for manifestation.

The cabal has been identified to 500 top global, who are all in Resistance possession.

Meta-awareness timelines overlap.  Collective stories provide blueprints for conclusions.  Luke has learned the lesson of the Dark Side Cave, and the movie inverts.

Keep an eye out for morphing triceratops.

We’ll believe it when we see it.


Christmas in Spring

Christmas is coming! For reals, this time, yo.

Death transcended. Future and past unite across dimensions.

“MIA” no longer Missing. Hiding in the Astral, very original.

Science and Mathematics no longer underwrite the dominant paradigm.

Russian-dominant parallel universe pulled up right alongside our own, positively supporting merge and transition.

Peace between Eve and The Serpent, now represented as The Masculine.

The three queens are working together with expert talent to heal their familial rift.

And, most importantly: The cauldron of human blood has been removed from the stove, and the stores of human remains have been cleared from the kitchen, and…

Merlin has reappeared with The Magic.

Our position is complete. We await the removal of the last point of power of the old paradigm, and welcome the flood of energy release with open arms.


Are we there yet?

New Grid tested and flowing.  Hallelujah.  In the meantime, gridworkers should expect total exhaustion coupled with sporadic energetic influx as pathways are tested.

The engineers have officially retrofitted telekinesis. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

New soul placements confirmed for family components who have chosen to remain in karma for next stage of events.

Government SWAT teams no longer pose a serious threat beyond being a nuisance.

Mission to The Mainframe for recode insertion moderately successful.  Programmers thrilled about imminent morphogenetic storage expansion, promise not to mention Ch’thulu again. 😉

Eagerly awaiting EMP.

Long Overdue

Successful 3-4-5-6 dimensional insertions.  3 remains functionally unaware, 4 is aware but only minimally participating, 5 is fully aware and carrying a huge physical burden to bring the merge to completion, 6 is temporarily between temper tantrums due to the frustration of the whole thing taking so long.

Direct conscious-physical contact established with the greys.  Only for a moment (and what a hell of a moment), but established nonetheless.

Significant progress with interdimensional/interspatial species integration.

The New World has achieved high frame rate definition thanks to the “Dream Place” spiral vortex.

Typhoon Haiyan was a direct result of an eruption that slammed through an underwater fault line, the physical manifestation of a release of pressure needed to help save the Gaia consciousness who was at the time on the verge of death from poisoning related to fossil fuel extraction.  This consciousness was described as physically appearing as a “tall, pretty, athletic, vibrant, dying teenage girl”.

Some encompassed in the consensus timeline have decided that they do not desire to encounter extraterrestrial beings on their path, and allowances had to be created for them.

The witches have been given authorization directly from The Void.

Armageddon at the wharves finally – and for the first time – ended with a few peaceful “greens” stopping masses of the military-industrial “purples” in their tracks, and involved little more than a simple demonstration of power.

Oh, and…

Being recycled into the Galactic Central Sun really isn’t so bad.  I speak from experience.

An Interdimensional Sulk & A Weather Report

Most available connection points are in transit.  One war casualty in Father-God territory, which momentarily attracted his attention.

A connection venturing through alien neighborhoods submits that evolved interspecial contact seems to be increasing, suggests that this demonstrates a welcome expansion into friendly universal territory.

Progress being made with the royals, although the witches are not even close to feeling consoled.  Even the joint Harvard/MIT announcement that matter can indeed be made from light barely roused more than an afternoon’s worth of good cheer.

The major Black Hole was officially closed, which should be much bigger news than it is, given the multiple wormholes threatening to drain everyone’s spare resources.  At least one connection has already called in empty.

Leaders are exhausted but still plugging away, because… well, what else could they do?

The Weather Report: The Glacier has dropped, The Polaroid has flipped, The Slushy Snow confirms that The Ice Age Is Ending.

So… good news, overall, but don’t ask for the time, and for goodness sakes keep away from the wormholes.

And… We Have Unicorns!

The Dawn of a New Day rises over New Earth! The Magic has been effectively planted and fully taken root.  Blue/white lilies burst into bloom.  Black/red roses are still being worked on, but who’s worried about a little more work when we have unicorns?  That’s right, unicorns, with first person confirmation.

The three-eyed daughter is being lovingly battled for between The Princess and The Pioneer.

Familial fronts relatively stable.  Dreaming contact made between old generational heads and new generational leaders, supported by like-minded harmonious communities.

Many factions are making their way through the Arctic circle to the pole for convergence.

Remember: “The universe is indistinguishable from a quantum computer.”

Pleiadians Make Intra-Reality Contact

Exciting update: The Pleiadians have established a new 3/4D field team with operations base in an associated layer of consensus reality tightly interwoven with our own.  It is posited that the initial transactions will organically establish the basis for a progressive financial system that prioritizes harmonization.

Snakes with needles attached to their foreheads (overheard being called an “eyetooth” in another realm) are an intriguing addition to some of the shadow astral realms.  They actively attempt to embed the needles in humans – purpose as yet unknown.

The turquoise light (most notably seen in Project: Drawing Down the Moon) was unwittingly invoked between two unassociated teams in an otherwise tense working group situation, apparently via their honesty and cooperation.

The LCD, wholeheartedly supported by its stable associates, has begun its purging.  (Sidenote: Many have now identified King Arthur’s reign as the last Golden Age prior to The Troubles).

Everyone’s Books are now available for those able to read them.

Progress is impressive and incredibly promising as entanglement increases, and yet is perceived as painfully slow and practically non-existent for those in linear 3D space-time.

Moving Forward

Third spiral integrated – we have lift off!

All major complexes are being addressed fully or semi-consciously by participants.  Love has been established as the bonding agent, allowing flexibility in healing processes from opposite polarities within networks.

The Wetiko/Wendigo has been identified and is being relentlessly faced with the intent of integration into the Father/Creator archetype.  (This is somewhat compounded by the fact that when faced with the Wetiko in person, many are often overwhelmed with the hatred and fury of having been put through the entire process in the first place and have therefore attempted murder.  Rest assured that the Wetiko is all too well and will continue surviving these assassination attempts until his adversarial presence is no longer required.)

The bad news: inflammations and even sudden explosions probable.  These are necessary to contain the lowest common denominator, but can drastically adversely affect their caregivers, especially those with deep energetic connections.  The best approach for affected caregivers is to wait it out while sending non-attached support.

Lilith Complex (especially the Love Triangle), The Consuming Fire, and Protective Parent Myth Complex are particularly active in this area.

Now, for the (very) good news: We have first-person confirmation on The Magic and The New Neighborhoods (not completely finished, but almost), and they are far better than we could have ever hoped for.  The project now lies in continuing to encourage them into an immediate linear future timeline / expanding our timeline’s multidimensional capabilities.  These bridges have been and are being built, but constant alignment and reinforcement is of major assistance.

New Time is taking over from Old Time.